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Can meditation be useful for the common people to be healthy?.

.Meditation is the best thing to help people to be healthy, because it gives you the taste of eternal life. It leads you into the shrine of your own being which has never known any death or any sickness. And when you become identified with it — which you really are — your resistance to sickness, to disease, even to death, is tremendously powerful. Yes, meditation can be a great help for people for health.
Every medical institute or hospital must have a special section, a division for meditation. Anyone who is in hospital should also be meditating. While he is taking medicines he should also be meditating.
By the way, you will be surprised to know that the words medicine and meditation both come from the same root, which means that which gives you health. Medicine is the physical way, meditation is the spiritual way. The spiritual is certainly higher, stronger.when you do the meditation on twin heart or Aura Meditation. your crown chakras & heart chakras expend, bigger. YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM BECOME STRONGER AND YOU VIBRATE ON HIGHER DIMENSION