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‘Health is an announcement of agreement between your body, mind and spirit.

When you are not healthy, look to see what it is with which a part of you disagrees. Perhaps it is time for you to rest your body, but the mind does not know how. Perhaps your mind is dwelling on negative, angry thoughts, or worries about tomorrow.
Your body will demonstrate the truth to you. Simply watch it. Notice what it is showing you, listen to what it is saying.
Honor your body. Take care of it. Keep it in good shape. It is the most important physical tool that you have. It is a magnificent tool, an extraordinary instrument. You can subject it to untold abuse and it will continue to serve you as best it can. But why reduce its effectiveness? Why abuse its systems?

Even as I have told you to meditate every day, so that you may quiet your mind and experience your oneness with Me, so, too, now do I tell you to exercise each day.

Exercise is the meditation of the body.

It, too, allows you to feel Oneness with all of life. You will never feel so alive, and so much a part of life, as when you exercise. Movement of the body will bring you a “natural high.”

That high feeling has been aptly named. You are “high” when you are connected with The Creator! And you are connected with The Creator when your body is healthy and in tune with Life.”