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Everyone is appointed by God, but we forgotten completely our mission. We have forgotten even why we are here and who we are? Where we came and where to go? We are living in deep forgetfulness, and we call it …life

And people who are so utterly forgetful of everything think themselves intelligent people. If you ask the awakened ones they will call this sheer foolishness. So drop yourself. God knows what you want. If I say you what you want from your life, you answer exactly, don’t know. Just surrender yourself.


Dr. Darshan Singh an Independent Reiki Grand Master, Healer and Teacher. Trained in the traditional Usui method. It was as if he was destined to be a Healer, as he has always had an urge to help people. He was always spiritually inclined coming from such a family. He has been intuitive all his life, what with getting premonitions before events or things happening.

Well trained and Grand Mastery in Traditional Reiki Grand Master, Karuna-Reiki Master, Su-Jok Expert, Kriya- Yoga of Mahaavtar Baba ji, Magnified-Healing, Crystal Therapy, Tarat-Reader, Haroscope, Accupressure, Pranic-Healer, Lama -Ferra (ANCIENT ART OF HEALING BY TIBETAN METHOD).

When he got his calling for Reiki, his whole life changed for the better. He is direct disciple of OSHO, get initiation from beloved Guru Osho, who never born never die, just visited this planet earth. He always talks about energy. That energy is one but the transformation of energy is so many ways. When it goes upward it become Ram,OM ,Wahe-Guru. When it goes down world it becomes your physical world. As you raise your concise nesses in higher dimension you can manifest your physical world. After the attunement he got huge inner transformation, he became more confident and over and above–Reiki developed my psychic gifts of Clairvoyance and Clairsentience. Angelic presence is always there in his house. He always feel blessed when they make him feel their presence and let him see them.


Dr. Darshan Singh an Independent Reiki Grand Master, teaches both Usui and Karuna Reiki. Pranic Healing, Su-Jok, Acupressure, Osho Tarot Reading. He does guidance with the angels, practice and teaches with the Pyramid. He also practice Magnified healing, Lama-Ferra (A Healing by Tibetan Monks ) and do counseling for stressed out relationships and meditation techniques With Reiki & Pranic Healing of Master Cha Cock Sui. His search for the purpose of this life has come to an end but Just to get to self realization through mediation to help people for healthy life, peace and harmony.
He would love to be of assistance to you, by showing you the spiritual path of Reiki to empower you to heal yourself and your family members of any Dis-ease of body and mind and spiris. He cured many cases which was the denied from PGI Chandigarh healed Ist stage cancer, sugar patients, others rheumatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, Thyroids, transplantation of kidney by physic surgery which is the science beyond science.