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Karuna Ki is an art that I developed from my practices with Karuna and the Karuna Symbols. Karuna Ki is the Way of Compassionate Energy and a Healing and Meditative practice using the Karuna Ki energy and symbols to be the Divine Heart of Compassion. The History of Karuna Ki tries to be balanced in its understanding of how the Karuna arts came to be, and tries to give due credit to those who invested time and effort in its development. Karuna Ki represents my development and practice with the Karuna, the symbols, Karuna Ki Do meditations and other practices. Karuna Ki shares the symbols and early development with Karuna Reiki_, and Tera Mai-Reiki. Karuna Ki has new attunements and Karuna Ki Do meditations, and is a new development apart from either Karuna Reiki_ and Tera Mai-Reiki. The basic principle of Karuna is the connection to (and becoming) the embodiment of compassion both for healing self and others, and to send healing and compassion to all creation. The attunement and subsequent meditations link us to the compassion of God (which we all already are and have!), and it is through this power that we heal. During the healing we strive to reflect compassion and love not only to those we heal, but to all creation. For those uncomfortable with the use of “God”, this principle is reflected wonderfully in the Buddhist Goddess of Compassion, Kuan Yin (Kannon in Japanese). This is a “heart centered compassion” and a heart centered healing. It is sharing in the compassion of God, or the compassion of Kuan Yin for all the universe. It is only in this perfect love that one is truly healed.


Karuna means Compassionate energy or as it is more appropriately “The Way of Compassionate Energy”. It is healing and spreading the Compassion of the Creator to all, and all creation. It is “being” the compassion of God, as St. Paul calls us to be, or as Kuan Yin personifies. Karuna Ki is a heart centered healing. It is a loving, heart centered compassionate healing art. It works best with the focus on the loving compassion of all creation flowing through you. “Compassionate Heart Reiki” is the term I use to best describe it. Whether you conceptualize this in St. Paul’s words where we are called to be the “Compassion of God”, or the “Compassionate Heart of Jesus”, or in the Buddhist practices of Kuan Yin, goddess of compassion the net result is the same. The attunements are performed with the Intent of connecting to and becoming this “Compassion of God”. They are truly loving and a blessing to do and to receive. In this, I think Karuna Ki is very specific in its understanding of what this compassion is. And it is not just compassion in healing others, but in spreading it throughout the world and universe in all that we do. The meditations of Karuna Ki are to foster this compassion and to spread it throughout the universe.
It needs to be stated here very clearly that this is not a religion. This is a healing art and meditative practice designed to cultivate compassion. Spreading love and compassion is always a worthwhile and wondrous endeavor in its own right. The practice of contemplating, developing and spreading compassion is found in many religious faiths throughout the world. Christian mystics, such as St. Ignatus Loyola used meditation (contemplation) and Imagery to connect to the sacred heart of Jesus and the compassion of God, as did St. Francis. This was part of their intimate connection to God. In Tibetan Buddhist practices there are many practices designed to cultivate compassion. Three of the most notable are the Tonglen, the chant “Om Mani Pedme Hum”, and the Bodhicitta. In the Tonglen, one meditates to fill and warm their heart with compassion and then spread it to all the world. The Om Mani Pedme Hum is a mantra of love and compassion. The Bodhicitta is a cultivation of compassion based on the idea that since there are a limited number of souls reincarnating, we have all be mother to another many times. Therefore since there is no greater love on earth than a mother’s love for her child, we should strive to reflect and share that love to all at all times.
In pure love we are healed, and all are one in the love of God.
IN KARUNA REIKI -There are two lavels+Mastership we teach 9symbols.