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What is Bio-Ceramics

The Bio-ceramics used in our daily life are made of clay and burnt in oxidizing components. Scientific research has discovered that the ceramics emit very strong Far Infrared Rays during high heat. This is why cooking or boiled soup in ceramic cooker (such as the ceramic pot and ceramic medicine pot) tastes better and medicine is made much more effective.
Normal ceramics produce Far Infrared Rays with a long wavelength of 0.3 – 1000 microns which is not needed nor absorbed by the human body. The Far Infrared Rays used by the human body should:
Measure 4 ~16 microns in wavelength.
Not require extreme heating. Human body temperature should be sufficient to produce 4 ~16 microns Far Infrared Rays.
The ideal ceramic which fulfills the above requirements is Bio-ceramics, also known as Biochemistry ceramics. Bio-ceramics is a technological breakthrough and wonder produced from special components and the latest technology.
At this stage, only a few countries in the world have the technology to produce Biochemistry Ceramics, such as USA, China, Japan and Korea.
1.How do we produce Bio-ceramics? (What is “Superlong wave”?)
Bio-ceramics was discovered and successfully invented after significant research in benefits of Far Infrared Rays.
The Infrared Ray is a longer one is sunlight. Compared to visible light, it is called the long wave. The Far Infrared Ray is actually the longest wave in the Infrared Ray. It is sometimes referred to as ‘Far Long Wave’.
In actual fact, the wave length of 4 ~16 µm microns in the Far Infrared Rays in the sunlight is very precious because it is very crucial to the human body.
In the earlier days, NASA research on how to protect the safety and health of astronauts in space is detected that the 4 ~16 µm microns of Far Infrared Rays could be produced in the human body and with the help of special ceramics heated at a low temperature of 36-37oC. Thus, Bio-chemistry was discovered.
The first persons to wear Bio-ceramics were NASA astronauts who traveled to the moon. Their space costumes contained Bio-ceramics which helped to protect the human body. Consequently, the costume was nick-named ‘space-costume’, ‘space cotton’ or ‘space cellulite’. In the 1980s, countries such as Japan, China and Korea began to develop their own Bio-ceramic Far Infrared products.
2. How does Far Infrared Rays protect our body?
Certain people are concerned that the efficacy of Far Infrared products may diminish over time as well as proper handling of the products.
The Bio-ceramics used in Far Infrared products is artfully produced by bonding and printing on textile. As long as Bio-ceramics continues to reside on the textile, the effectiveness of the product will never be lost.
To ensure long-term effectiveness, one has to be careful not to wash off the Bio-ceramic components in the garments during laundering. Gentle washing is recommended in any laundry detergent but hard-brushing is discouraged. After washing, the garments can be placed under the sun to dry. This will not affect the effectiveness of the Bio-ceramics. However, plastic-based products should never be exposed under direct sunlight for they will eventually lost elasticity.