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Meditation has been practised for many hundreds or thousands of years. There are 112 meditation technique give by beloved Master osho.There are now many different definitions of what meditation really is. In essence, meditation is a process of focusing the mind to experience a state or level of conscious awareness which brings about particular effects on the body, within the mind, and also within the individual’s extended energy field.

The body-mind mechanism is that aspect of yourself that maintains your physical health. It does this through thoughts, images, symbols, feelings and emotions, to create safety and certainty for the physical body to exist in. Meditation is the dissolving of the mind, to introduce an absence of thoughts, images, symbols and emotions, not with the intention of making the physical body feel unsafe, though to allow consciousness to arise within the body, to experience a deeper understanding and connection beyond the personal. Beyond the personal you enter into the transpersonal realms of the universe, to which you have an inextricable link.
In case that all sounds a little far out for you, perhaps we can describe meditation as a method of bringing ‘focused relaxation’ to your whole way of being – as opposed to ‘unfocused relaxation’ – otherwise known as sleep, or crashing out on the sofa…

In that state of ‘focused relaxation’, your inner ‘power’ can be harnessed and directed in certain ways to achieve goals and bring about changes in your life that have seemed too difficult or impossible in your usual ‘waking’ life.
In addition to the ‘mental’ effects, meditation can unlock a part of you that you may or may not be aware of – an ‘inner’ part of you – whether you call it your inner voice, your intuition, your soul, or anything else – Practicing meditation can help you access that wonderful, innate aspect of your being that isn’t limited by the beliefs and experiences from your life that shape your everyday existence.
The reason increasing numbers of people are getting enthusiastic about meditation in modern society, is that the multitude of its benefits are becoming more widely recognised – and scientific research is demonstrating the amazing effects that meditation can have on our lives!

How do you Meditate?

There are MANY different methods by which you can meditate – there are no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ methods – yet there are likely to be ways of meditating which really resonate with you and others which do not.
Most religions of the world offer ways of practising meditation – sometimes as an integral part of the religion’s philosophy and liturgy. These methods of meditation often appeal to those who have a background in a particular religion.

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