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Benefits of Reiki

• Reiki is safe, gentle for adults, children, and pets and supports natural ability to heal itself at every level
• REIKI helps overcome fear and anxiety.
• REIKI heal the cause and eliminates the effects
• Reiki requires no belief system. It is not a religion and has no dogma. Is not a form of psychic healing or hypnosis
• Reiki is self help ‘you take control of your health and well being
• Reiki can be performed anywhere
• Reiki helps to reduce workplace injuries
• Reiki is effective in healing virtually every known disease like arthritis, asthma, insomnia, cancer migraine, multiple sclerosis, spondylitis, tuberculosis, kidney and gall stones, ulcers
• Reiki has positive effects on ailments relating to respiratory system, circulatory system, skin infections, allegories and for children diseases
• Reiki enhances immune system functioning
• Reiki is beneficial during pregnancy, labour, and delivery
• Reiki is effective in first aid situations
• Reiki helps coping with chronic pain
• Reiki helps flush out toxic effects from radiation and chemo treatments
• Reiki helps cleanse emotions
• Reiki enhances confidence and self esteem
• Reiki relieves stress and promotes relaxation
• Reiki increases how to focus
• Reiki helps to bring the body to a more balanced state
• Reiki supports and complements patient – physician relationships
• Reiki supports individuals going through alcohol / drug treatments/addiction
• Reiki always works on our body’s needs at the time of treatment; mind, body, and spirit
• REIKI detoxified &clean physically, mantaly& emotionally,by releasing suppressed or accumulated toxins of body and mind
• REIKI helps children in their groth process,particularly with stress and learning difficulties
• REIKI Animals and plants love reiki.
• REIKI assists in reconnecting with our inner self