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Kundalni is a subtle power; she lies dormant in each and every body. It is a cosmic power it is in the form of a serpent and lies coiled up in the Muldhara Chakra. The details about the chakras are given in the succeeding chapter. Kundalni is that dormant cosmic power within us that underlies all organic and inorganic matter. No words theory or thesis can describe this divine power. But for the purposes of understanding it is to be realized that this force is not like electricity, centrifugal or a centripetal force. It is a cosmic power a spiritual force.
Divine powers have a very subtle ways of manifestation; they are not visible to the eye. Seekers of the divine knowledge find themselves at a loss when even concerted efforts do not bear fruit or results. Just remember without awakening of this power nothing happens, very little spiritual progress is made, one toils for years and no experiences come by. Most seekers of knowledge are ignorant of this fact hence some get frustrated and give up.
Kundalni is awakened by proper initiation by a Vedic Guru, mantra japa, pranayama etc.There are other means also which are not discussed here. One should not get involved in awakening of this dormant power prematurely without guidance and supervision. This power awakens gradually in those people who practice japa and meditation, no other extra effort is required, yes, asana and pranayama etc. certainly help in its awakening. A word of caution to seekers, do not attempt to awaken this power without help of a qualified Guru, results can be disastrous. Persons teaching yoga asana in normal way as yoga instructors or teachers may not be qualified for this job. One must learn this practice under Realized Souls who may not be easy to find. Once the Kundalni awakens, during meditation one starts getting divine visions, divine smell, divine taste, one can feel divine touches and hear divine sounds. Nature starts unfolding its
secrets. There is movement in the region of the Muldhara chakra; vibrations are experienced during meditation. One starts to transcend the present state of consciousness and feels a state of bliss never experienced before. Once Kundalni starts to move up from the Muldhara chakra up to the Sahasrara chakra in the head, many knots block this path. The knots are gradually unlocked by meditation or other means and one reaches the state of Super Consciousness when the Kundalni reaches the Sahasrara. Many divine powers then manifest in the divine being one
becomes divine


Important Instructions

    1. Get up early morning preferably at 4 AM. During the early morning hours the Environment is calm and quiet and ideal for meditation, Japa and other yogic disciplines. Saints and Yogis meditate at that time and send favorable vibrations. It is also the time of sunrise, sunrise and sunset these junction hours are considered very favorable and
      auspicious for meditation and Japa.

Be punctual, set a routine for yourself and adhere to it. Do not allow the mind to take liberties unless one has to go out of station or on an important job. If it is not feasible to get up at 4 AM you may get up late and start your practices. If one cannot do it in the morning or some reasons fix a time in the evening. <b>Nighttime meditation </b>is not Recommended for beginners.

  • One should have a light meal at night; this facilitates getting up early morning and prevents one from falling asleep during meditation.
  • One should totally avoid alcohol, and all types of psychopathic drugs. Tobacco chewing or smoking is equally bad. One must avoid chilies, pickles, sour and bitter foods. One must avoid tinned food as far as possible. Fruits, milk and milk products are highly recommended. Fresh vegetables and cereals are ideal. People, who do not adhere to dietary restrictions, make very slow progress in this field.
  • Keep good company, mind follows law of association, if you keep bad company, it will disturb the mind and will be tempted to do wrong things. One must try and avoid too much talking. Do not solicit views of others regarding your piritual practices or your intentions regarding any spiritual activity. Just remember other than your Guru no one can help you in your spiritual quest. No one can understand a mind of a spiritual aspirant be it father, mother ister, brother or friends none. Only like-minded people may discuss such aspects and may be of assistance. Every one will have their own views and most of them will not be very encouraging due to their own ignorance and prejudices. If one is an adult one should be able to take ones own decisions. Children below 15 years of age must consult their parents.
  • Do not discuss your spiritual experiences with anyone except your Guru and that too in private. Do not show off or brag, all that you will gather with great effort and sacrifice will just vanish if you do not check your impulses regarding speech. Remember always no one gets spiritual knowledge by allowing the senses to run riot. A spring has its
    power in contraction not in elongation.
  • One must cultivate the habit of reading holy books like The Gita, The Bible, The Holy Koran, Sri Guru Granth Sahib and Zend Avasta etc. Reading makes one keep good company, it opens many vistas and widens ones horizons of thought and action. Read some books other than your own religion it makes you realize that God is one. Do not begin your studies with Vedas if you are not exposed to it earlier. Vedas and Vedanta texts are very difficult to understand. It is observed that some authors of commentaries on Vedas and Vedanta texts have grossly misinterpreted them because they could not comprehend the real purport. Only people who have advanced in the field of spirituality
    may read Vedanta and Vedas. Just remember it is not possible to understand the scriptures in detail all great sages and seers have virtually coded all religious scriptures. There is an apparent meaning and a hidden meaning. It is experienced that hidden meanings may be more than one.


One must become fearless; fear is an abrasion of character.One has to advance in this field without any prejudices or fear. Fear of loss of face, criticism and censure should be faced with a balanced mind. One should not even fear death. One must certainly not become foolhardy and overstretch the dimension of fear.


  • One must give charity and share ones wealth with everyone. A little percentage of income as felt convenient should be given in charity. One must be liberal in this aspect. Not only humans one must feed the birds and animals. See God in all beings, learn to love and respect all beings. This is a very great virtue
  • Do not criticize others or do back biting. It is a serious lapse. The less you speak the more energy you would be able to conserve for spiritual purposes. Learn to accept each and every human as an entity manifested by The Lord. Eradicate your own weaknesses rather than becoming a critique and finding fault with others.
  • Do introspection; find out your weaknesses and build a sterling character
    • Ask yourself how many lies you speak in a day?
    • How many times you abused or used slang language?
    • How many times you felt jealous?
    • How many times you hurt the feelings of others?
    • How much time you spent in gossip and idle talk?
    • How many times you criticized others and could not stand criticism?
    • How many times you got angry or violent?
    • How much charity did you give in a month?
    • Did you serve sick or poor and attend to the needs of downtrodden?
    • How many times you missed your daily prayers and meditation etc?
    • How many times you consumed non prescribed foods?
    • Did you attend to sick animals and birds?
    • Make a note of this daily and at the end of the month check the contents it will tell you
  • about your progress and change in you. This is a very important aspect of yogic disciplines. Note this in a serial on a notebook and keep a record of this.
  • One must never be arrogant in any aspect of life. Power, money and possessions all belong to the God. Consider yourself to be caretaker of the Lord’s wealth and power a great change will take place in you if you adhere to this. Nothing here belongs to you this is a transit camp. House, cars, aircraft, riches and power are bestowed by the pleasure of the Good Lord; one must never get it to the head. Become humble, humility will not only relieve pressure from ones mind but makes one very acceptable to the others. Modesty removes vain ideas about ones self and helps in piritual advancement.
  • If one is an aspirant and serious about this business stop accepting gifts from others. One must learn to live within ones own means. Do not unnecessarily take obligations by accepting presents. Cut down your needs regarding your clothes, food etc. Live as simple being with limited needs. Simple livin
  • Acquire wisdom and learn to bear pleasure and pain in a balanced way. Remember when there is desire for pleasure and enjoyment it will be followed up with pain and frustration. If we enjoy pleasures and are troubled by pain we may get heaven or hell but cant be eligible for salvation because deliverance is for those who remain alike in both
    pleasure and pain.
  • Try and cultivate knowledge about herbs and Ayurveda. Ayurvedic science was the most potent way to cure ailments of all kinds. Due to some reasons certain types of herbs and plants cannot be identified currently despite vailability of the formulas of cure. However certain plants roots and herbs are invaluable in maintenance of sound health and positive frame of mind. There are many books available on cure of diseases through herbs and Ayurveda one may like to go through these books. Homeopathy is very effective in cure of chronic ailments.
  • Never complain or crib about anything in life. Patiently bear the heat and the cold, the storm and the floods. Be satisfied in the bracket the Lord has placed you. Just put in the best effort in any of those slots you have been placed in, keep acquiring wisdom and spiritual knowledge. In nature no two beings think and act alike, there will always be differences of opinion and clash of ideas it is n
  • Perform yoga asana and pranayama daily. Do not practice weight lifting if you are serious about yoga. Avoid-consuming steroids, they do more harm than good. Do not use Pan Masala (Betel Masala) it is bad for lungs and lining of the stomach. Do not fast often; fasting on the 11th day of the waning and waxing moon is very good. Have a good
    balanced diet.
  • Do not gossip and avoid shoptalk with any one it does not help in any way but wastes precious energy. Develop your own techniques to save energy.
  • Do not become an escapist and avoid work. One has to work harder and perform ones duty if one is serious about yoga. Never avoid duty or responsibility.
  • Never violate the instructions given by your Guru.
  • Be at peace; cultivate an aura of peace in and around you. Never get perturbed how so ever irritating or unsavory the circumstance may appear to be.
  • Become a good human and advance towards becoming Divine.


Raja Yoga

Maharishi Patanjali developed the Yoga of eight limbs the details regarding the same are given
in the book called Yoga Sutras. Raja yoga is also known as Astang Yoga. Astang in Sanskrit language means eight limbs. These forms of yogic practices were devised considering the physical, mental and psychological requirements of a human being. These yogic practices have integrated all types of other Yoga’s and harmonize the body, mind and complete ersonality of a person.
This type of yoga is famous all over the World due to incorporation of some Hatha Yogic practices and yoga asana by the some modern seers. This yoga has devised means to check the outward moving tendencies of the mind and restrain the desires so that one is to be able to reach the state of super consciousness or samadhi in the most smooth and harmonious method. It has been discussed in this type of Yoga that ignorance of true knowledge causes ‘I ness’ and an individual considers himself non-eternal real. This is primarily due to ego and design of creation. It is revealed that the attachment to body, pleasure, animosity, desire, aversion and anger are reasons for affliction of the mind. A man’s latent impressions have their roots in their previous births; they shape up in this birth and will be there in future births too. These deep impressions called samskaras are responsible for both pleasure and pain in ones lifetime; also they make a person act in a particular manner. These afflictions continue till such time that they are burnt up by practice of yoga. A wise person of discriminative knowledge views the entire world experience of pleasure and pain as pain only. This is not a pessimistic approach towards life but by taking that all experiences in the world are very temporary and permanent pleasure is not forthcoming through worldly objects. Also, if one takes an over view of the entire life, one finds that the process of birth, growth, decay and death birth after birth at this plane of
consciousness is not at all a happy going. One has to struggle each time one is born either as a man or an animal.
Many argue who has seen the life after death? Answer is simple, if this was not so why would all Gods who have incarnated in various times and places only preached virtue and restraint, and not vice and indulgence. They knew the consequences of sinful conduct and gratuitous desires. Each person has in a broad category the following physical, mental and psychological requirements:
(a) Dharma. (Performance of secular and spiritual duties in life).
(b)Kama. (Fulfillment of desires).
(c) Arth.
(Economic prosperity).
(d) Moksha. (Enlightenment).
The yoga of the eight limbs was devised considering the entire requirements of a human being. The practice of any articular system of yoga is very difficult because the effort required by all human beings may not be adequate towards the achievement of the ultimate result; hence Astang yoga or practices akin to this type of yoga are very conducive or almost all types of personalities. We must understand what these practices are. Astang yoga has the following eight limbs:

(a) Yama.
(b) Niyama.
(c) Asana.
(d) Pranayama.
(e) Pratyahara.
(f) Dharna.
(g) Dhyana.
(h) Samadhi.
Dharna (Concentration)

Dharna means concentration; most of us confuse Dharna to be meditation. Dharna involves focusing the mind on the desired object. Thought plays an important role in concentration, if it is one pointed it is good, if confused it becomes weak and dissipates. A good thought for a person will do that person good and to the person thinking, a bad thought will yield bad results. A yogi uses Dharna to avoid all distractions. There are many ways to practice Dharna. Some practice this initially by concentrating on a black object on a wall or candle gazing. Some concentrate on the chakras. Some gaze on the stars or rivers and so on. There are many ways of doing this. One must evolve ones own technique after learning since it is experienced that one particular method may not suit every one. Singing and chanting of holy hymns and mantras puts one into a meditative mood. One must know and understand ones mind, the mind has an inherent tendency to get out of control and to run away from the objects it is focused upon. Don’t be harsh with the mind during this practice. Lord Krishna says in Bhagwat Gita that the mind runs farther away if you try to wrestle with it. Just watch your mind, become a witness to your own mind it will become quiet. Become a witness to your breath; watch the inspiration and the expiration mentally. Continue doing this for some time, your senses and mind will quiet down, slowly focus your mind on the whatever you think is God, bring it before your eyes, if the object runs away keep watching, do not allow your mind to panic, slowly bring the object back again and restart the practice. Do not be in a hurry to climb the spiritual ladder. People with good power of concentration and vegetarian food habits may achieve focused mind early some may take a few months. Do not get discouraged, keep at it God will help you if you are sincere, gradually find a Guru.

Kundalini Meditation

This meditation lasts for one hour and has four stages, three with music, and the last without.
Kundalini acts like an energetic shower, softly shaking you free of your day and leaving you refreshed and mellow.

First Stage: 15 minutes

Be loose and let your whole body shake, feeling the energies moving up from your feet. Let go everywhere and become the shaking. Your eyes may be open or closed. “Allow the shaking; don’t do it. Stand silently, feel it coming and when your body starts trembling, help it but don’t do it. Enjoy it, feel blissful about it, allow it, receive it, welcome it, but don’t will it. “If you force it will become an exercise, a bodily, physical exercise. Then the shaking will be there but just on the surface; it will not penetrate you. You will remain solid, stone-like, rock-like within. You will remain the manipulator, the doer, and the body will just be following. The body is not the
question – you are the question. “When I say shake, I mean your solidity, your rock-like being should shake to the very foundations so that it becomes liquid, fluid, melts, flows. And when the rock-like being becomes liquid, your body will follow. Then there is no shake, only shaking. Then nobody is doing it; it is simply happening.

Second Stage: 15 minutes

Dance, any way you feel, letting the whole body move as it wishes. Again, your eyes can be open
or closed.

Third Stage: 15 minutes

Close your eyes and be still, sitting or standing, observing, witnessing, whatever is happening
inside and out.

Fourth Stage: 15 minutes

Keeping your eyes closed, lie down and be still

Sex and Kundalini……..

Sexual energy is a lower octave of the divine energy. People who accentuate their spiritual growth may be chagrined to realize that their sex drive is accentuated as well. Some people feel God is testing the genuineness of their desire to grow spiritually. This process is normal; when the energy of one octave is opened, the other octaves open through a resonating effect. But to keep from chasing prospective partners down the street, it would be wise to transmute some of the sexual energy into a higher form through meditation, or diffuse throughout the body and then, with mental direction, transmute it into healing, inner strength, creativity, joy, bliss, devotion, or enlightenment. Some people advocate celibacy during Kundalini raising or cleansing as a way of forcing the sexual energy to higher levels; but I think it should be each persons choice, and that choice may change quickly sometimes. The energies are intense enough during the Aquarian age that normal sex and growth can occur at the same time. If you find difficulty with whatever choice you have made, you may need to find alternatives. During strong spiritual growth or Kundalini cleansing, past life memories may be close to the surface, resulting in attraction to people to whom you felt sexually close in a previous life. Some people feel that a sexual relationship in a previous life must be continued in this life. Not necessarily so! Be discreet and responsible with your energies; you could wear yourself out or end up in difficult relationships. If this happens to you or your spouse, don’t panic! Be aware of the new influences and wait awhile before making major changes to see how the energies settle. Affairs that begin during accelerated growth often don’t last. They may be very intense, but as the song goes, “it is too hot not to cool down.”: On the positive side, balancing the polarities of these relationships (sexual or not) can speed growth. Marriages do not have to end because one person is growing and the other does not appear to be; perhaps the other’s growth is slower or in a different direction. A good marriage or relationship allows each person the freedom to
develop and learn-to be on his or her own path. Always practice respect and tenderness for one another. Understanding is nice, too, but some days we don’t even understand ourselves. The strain of Kundalini experience will often speed the dissolution of a marriage or relationship that is not healthy or meant to be. In this case, the couple should work through a pre-divorce process, much as we have courtship before marriage; there needs to be loving preparation for divorce. Better to end a relationship on a positive note; you will probably meet the person again in another life!
Kundalini can affect the sexual area in a variety of ways. There may be short or prolonged periods of apathy or seeming lack of ability. There may even be frigidity, impotence, or complete lack of enjoyment. With the sexual area has been cleansed, however, the sexual energy may transmuted and used for further cleansing and healing of the system. Sexual energy can be used for many different purposes beyond the act of sexual union: creativity, greater mental abilities, enlightenment, inner strength and joy of life. No longer a prisoner of sexual urges or blocks, one rediscovers sex as one of life’s means of expression. During Kundalini cleansing you need to accept yourself as a sexual being and recognize that the sexual energy is important to your spiritual development. but remember when this energy goes down it..becomes you world.when it goes towards up,it becomes Rama…God .sooner or later you come out of it &amp;merge yourself of your inner being..Anahat Sabad..Knoking the door. of your sixth sense of heaven. From there  is no return back in the mean time if person diehis body will decay in soil Bbut the Astral body will start for new birth, start seeking the new womb. If person left on 4th ckakras in new birth his life will start from 4th chakra.

Kundalani Activates DNA…..

In our body only 3percent of DNA is activated, if the DNA can activate upto6percent,person will heal automatically. The only way is to activate the DNA by awakening of kundalani.or by kundalani meditation under instruction of Guru only.
DNA contains the coded information – as if a program in a computer – the blueprint about how your life plays out. Within it are triggering mechanisms in various forms – that awakening your memory about who you are – why you are here – and the stirring you feel in your soul that something major is about to change for the better. DNA governs the creation of all aspects of our life. Physical body —genetic patterning, our physical body,aging process, metabolism etc. Emotional body—creates and controls our genetic emotional profile. determines whether we will be introverted or
extroverted. Mental body — It controls our genetic mental profile and determines the direction of mental energy toward logical, linear and rational thinking. Soul —karmic patterning and our genetic soul profile. Karmic patterning refers to the karmic pre-conditioning that we have brought into this lifetime. Specifically, it includes karmic wounds, issues or lessons that were not resolved or completed in past

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