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“This is not a teaching, a doctrine, a creed; that’s why I can say anything. I am the most free person who has ever existed as far as saying anything is concerned. I can contradict myself in the same evening a hundred times, because it is not a speech, so it has not to be consistent. It is a totally different thing, and it will take time for the world to recognize that a tremendously differ¬ent experiment was going on. Just in a moment, when I became silent, you become silent…. What remains is just a pure awaiting. You are not making any effort; neither am I making any effort.”


About Meditation

Wear a plain white robe. Come freshly showered, in a clean robe, with no perfume. No coughing or sneezing in the audi¬torium. Please do not come if you have any infection. The meeting will end by 9 p.m. at the latest. (If you cannot sit that long or if you have a cough, please sit out of Meditation Hall , if you are doing this meditation at OSHO Meditation Center or Commune or Ashram)

Part 1 : (Meditation)

This meeting starts with high-energy music for dancing with totality. Let the energy of celebration build up inside you. Don’t waste this energy in shouting or whistling or looking around at others. You can wear a blindfold if that helps.This period of dancing includes two or three shouts of “Osho” and ends with three shouts of “Osho.” This is a sound without meaning. It is simply using sound to reach the soundless silence. The raising of the hands to the stars indicates the longing for higher consciousness. The shout should be really sharp. It has to be said exactly like the lion’s roar, which comes from the belly. It is not just from your tongue – not even from your throat or your heart. It hits just under your navel. That’s where you are coming from. The life center is just under your navel, two inches under the navel. You have to watch from what source it is coming. You have to go inwards to that source. It not only hits your center, your very being, it also brings in you a tremendous feeling of joy, laughter, dance. It is celebration.

Part 2 ( Satsang)

After three drumbeats Osho Video or Osho Audio Discourse starts. During this you sit silently and just watch or listen to Osho Talks. This is called Satsang Part. Evening Satsang Meditation with dance and celebration or soft Indian music.

The more totally you dance, the more easily you will be able to sit silently afterwards.

The three shouts of OSHO are followed by silent sitting.

This silent sitting begins with intermit¬tent Indian music up until three drumbeats. First part of Meditation is over with three drum beats.

OSHO Says :

“Satsang happens when you are sitting with a person in whose presence you cannot forget yourself, where you can only remember yourself. It is not an intoxicant but an awakener. Satsang means being in the presence of someone where you become aware of your aloneness, of your pure being. If a thousand people are sitting in Satsang, then also there is no crowd. Each person is sitting alone. Each person is sitting in his aloneness.”

“My speaking is one of my devices for meditation. Speaking has never been used this way before; I speak not to give you a mes¬ sage, but to stop your mind functioning –

And it is not only here, but far away…anywhere in the world where people will be listening to the video or to the audio, they will come to the same silence.

“First, sitting with me in these discourses is nothing but creating more and more meditative ness in you. I don’t speak to teach something; I speak to create something. These are not lectures; these are simply a device for you to become silent, because if you are told to become silent without making any effort you will find great difficulty.

“That’s what Zen teachers have been telling their disciples: ‘Be silent, but don’t make any effort’. Now, you are putting the person into such a difficult fix: Don’t make any effort and be silent…. If he makes any effort he is wrong – and there is no way to be silent without making any effort. If it were possible to be silent without any effort there would have been no need of any master, there would have been no need of teaching meditation. People would have become silent without any effort.

“I have gone as deep into Zen efforts as possible. They have been working for almost fourteen centuries, since Bodhidharma. They are one of the greatest groups in the world, totally devoted to a single thing, and that is meditation. There is no other experiment anywhere which has been done for so long a time continuously. But still there are not many Zen masters. Yes, there are more masters in the stream of Zen than in any other stream in the world, but still they are very few compared to the people who have been working. I have been searching out what was the basic mistake – and this is the basic mistake – those Zen masters told them the right thing, but not in the right way. I am making you aware of silences without any effort on your part. My speaking is for the first time being used as a strategy to create silence in you.

“Awareness means you listen to me and you listen to the bird also, to the wind passing through the trees and all that is happen¬ing right now. Don’t listen to me with a narrow mind, closed to everything else and only open to me. Then you will not be able to listen to me, because what I am saying will be less if the sound of the bird is not included in it. What I am saying will not be true if all that is happening in this moment is not included in it. Don’t listen to me exclusively. Listen to all, inclusively: everything is included – you are simply a silent mirror reflecting everything that is happening all around. Nothing is distracting. In those moments, in those crystal clear moments, again and again you will come to hear the best song. Otherwise you hear one thing, you miss another, you hear again one thing – one word here, one word there – then you connect them. Then whatsoever comes out is not what I have said, it is what you have heard.