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Lamma-Ferra – A Tibetan Art of Healing

LAMA FERA is a natural powerful treatment which is being practiced by Tibetien Lamas since ages. Based on buddhas process of healing, they developed a technique called’’LAMA FERA “.At least one person in every family must learn this technique.

Benefits of LAMA-FERA –


  • Increases the spiritual power and helps in meditation.
  • Relives pain and discomfort of cronic diseases.
  • Removes evil spirits and purifies home, office, shop etc.
  • Overcomes fear ,anxiety, stress and mental tensions.
  • Increases memory and imagination in children and adult
  • Assist in reconnecting with your higher self.
  • Detoxify & clean physically, mentally & emotionally by releasing suppressed or accumulated toxins, of body and mind.thus brings the body into harmony.