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Reiki Treatment

Reiki has the powers to heal any and every living creature. Humans, animals or plants, it works on all living beings without any problem. Animals and plants can be healed easily, since they are considerably less intelligent as compared to human beings. It is somewhat complex to heal humans as they are intelligent and indulged in worldly activities – making it quite difficult to have control over their chakras or energy points. Reiki treatment can only be limited by one thing, which is the recipient’s attitude.
In case the recipient is unwilling to accept the healing power of Reiki, the practitioner cannot pass the energy into the former’s body. There are different treatments in Reiki such as whole body treatment, localized treatment, Informal treatment, self treatment, group treatment, distant healing treatment and treatment for plants & animals. The treatment given to a recipient depends on the level of urgency of the illness. A human being is not made of just physical body; infact it is made of three other invisible and non-physical bodies.

These bodies are influenced by the universal energy which also controls and affects the physical body. Reiki doesn’t only remove the symptoms of problems, but works to eradicate the root cause of symptoms. It functions in the energy structure which lies beneath the physical matter. Due to this reason, Reiki enables healing both physical and emotional ailments. Healing treatment is not just curing the physical symptoms or the root cause of sickness, but also suggests bringing about balance of mental and physical well-being.