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Relief From Gout Pain By Controlling Uric Acid..

.Gout and uric acid are very closely related. Anyone suffering from gout can get relief from gout pain by controlling uric acid levels. Excess uric acid levels can play havoc and you may end up with the inflammation and acute gout pain in your bone joints. People suffering from gout pain search for long lasting remedy for gout pain. Let us first understand what is gout and uric acid…
What Is Gout? How Does It Occur?..
Gout is an attack of painful inflammation in bone joints. Though gout is a kind of arthritis but it is very different from the common rheumatoid arthritis.
Gout attack occurs due to high levels of a chemical called uric acid in the blood. Though uric acid is harmless and is normally built by the body and most of it is passed out through the urine and stools thereby naturally maintaining the required levels in the body. However if the kidneys do not flush out enough uric acid its level starts building up in the blood which forms small crystals of uric acid in the joints which irritates the tissues and cause inflammation, swelling and pain of gout attack. Some people may have higher levels of uric acid but they do not form crystals therefore they do not have gout. On the contrary some people with normal levels of uric acid may experience gout attack. As a rule, the higher the level of uric acid, the higher the chances of gout pain.

How Is Uric Acid Formed?..
Uric acid is naturally formed by the body, however in some people the kidneys do not excrete enough uric acid which causes uric acid to build up in the blood and this causes gout to occur.

There may be many other factors for uric acid build up –
Less of vitamin C intake in diet
Drinking too much alcohol
Intake of high protein diet and foods rich in purines such as kidneys, liver and seafood.
Drinking too much of sugar sweetened soft drinks containing fructose
Certain medicines may also raise the levels of uric acid such as aspirin and some chemotherapy medicines
People suffering from psoriasis and some blood disorders are also at risk of developing high uric acid levels

How To Control Uric Acid For Gout Pain Relief?..
Increase in uric acid levels is normally due to high intake of purines in diet and less flush out of uric acid through urination. The kidneys do not flush out enough uric acid which is why its level increases in blood.

Follow below mentioned points to control uric acid and get relief from gout pain.

(1) Drink lots of water. Water helps in flushing out excess amount of uric acid through urination. At least two liters of water per day is recommended.

(2) Avoid foods rich in purines such as liver, heart and brains, poultry such as partridge, duck and goose, fish varieties such as mackerel and herring, seafood such as scallops, bouillon and mussels and yeast supplements.

(3) You may consult your doctor for a proper gout diet chart containing food with less purine. Foods such as pork, beef, lamb, lentils, peas, mushrooms, spinach, cauliflower, oats, wheat germ and oatmeal contain medium purines.

(4) Limit or eliminate alcohol intake altogether. If you are a regular beer drinker, beware, beer has been found to interfere in the proper flushing of the uric acid which causes gout attack. During acute gout attack one should avoid the intake of alcohol altogether though you may take moderate amount of wine when you don’t have gout attack.

(4) Consume low fat or fat free dairy products. Drinking skim milk or low fat milk and consuming other low fat or fat free dairy products reduce the risk of gout.