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Visualization for Planetary Healing…

Feel Light and Divine Power flowing through you as you serve as an instrument of God’s healing grace.
Visualize the Earth floating between your hands. It may be helpful to think of the beautiful photos of it taken from outer space. See the aura of the Earth filled with harmony and light. Gently move your hands in space over the Earth, sending divine healing light of God to all areas.
See the physical aspect of the planet happy and healthy. Send healing light as you visualize clear waters in the oceans, lakes and streams. See divine light nourishing the green plants and trees of the earth. See life force flowing to all of the many creatures. See the earth’s atmosphere fresh and sparkling with vitality.

Visualize light and love flowing through the many churches and spiritual groups. May the Light of God shine forth through all religions, harmonizing their efforts and guiding souls to Him. The true strength of America lies in its spiritual nature. May this spiritual nature be strengthened and clarified, and may God’s light guide and protect this country.

Ask Divine Mother to bless all souls. Ask Her to give special encouragement to the souls that strive to bring light to everyone around them. May these “angels” be ever blessed as they spread God’s grace to all……………………….